Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

Shanghai was a beautiful city: full of outrageously tall skyscrapers, stunning views and heavenly food. And of course, some very cuddly cats.

Day 42

Today was a lazy day! All we did was relax, eat our body weight in noodles and pastries and sun ourselves on the rooftop terrace.

We also noticed this fun little mistranslation in our hostel!

Funny mistranslation "Please Hurry Noise'

Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

Day 43

China Art Museum

Also known as the China Art Palace, is one of the biggest art museums in Asia and houses a selection of modern Chinese art. The museum was closed on the day we went however, it was worth a visit just to look at the distinctly individual architecture. Plus, it was only five minutes from our accommodation and on the way to the metro!

China Art Museum. Red and strangely crafted building 
Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

Oriental Pearl Tower

Next stop was the iconic Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower! It is located in the Pudong Area so makes up that famous Shanghai skyline that can be seen from The Bund. This area is full of amazing tall buildings and really does make you feel small.

Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower
Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

The queue was unexpectedly short so we were up in the lift in no time! But not before we had had a good look at all the decorations hung in the lobby.

Viewing Platform

We went up to the second sphere. This sight seeing platform reaches a height of 263m and offers spectacular views of the surrounding skyscrapers and the nearby Bund.

Glass Floor

The second sphere also boasts a glass viewing platform, situated just a few floors down.


I am not a fan of heights and more specifically edges. This outdoor area with a 1.5 inch thick glass floor was my idea of hell. I went out there though, did a circuit and then got myself firmly back inside while James took pictures and had a generally lovely time.

James lying on the glass floor of the oriental pearl tv tower 

Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

Other fun stuff

The Tower also offers other attractions such as a VR Rollercoaster, arcade games, a moving 4D Presentation ‘Future of Shanghai’. Most famously, there is a revolving restaurant at 267m which makes a full revolution every hour and a half.

We only had a go on an arcade game as we thought the restaurant would be very expensive.

Day 44

Jing’an Temple

We started our day with a trip to Jing’an Temple, one of the most famous temples in Shanghai. Although possessing a rich history, the temple had actually been converted to a plastic factory during the cultural revolution. It has since been renovated and restored to its original purpose.

We didn’t enter as we didn’t have the time however, we wandered around the perimeter. I found it quite an odd set up. The temple was surrounded by the city as expected, however, it quite literally had shops and restaurants underneath it!

Jing’an Park

There is a park nearby that we wandered through to get t the metro. Strangely this place is over run with what I assume to be stray cats! We stopped to give one a little stroke and he totally loved up James. He jumped on him and almost went to sleep, purring.

It was honestly so sweet and such a highlight!

The Bund

We took a long walk along The Bund to pass the afternoon and appreciate the historical buildings. The sight of Pudong area from the waterfront was incredible; the skyline including all the monstrous skyscrapers we had been walking among the day before.

View from the Bund Shanghai: The City of Cuddly Cats

We had some more fun with the panoramic features in out phones!

Yuyuan Bazaar

The bazaar, also known as Yuyuan Market, is situated in the heart of Old Shanghai City, just outside the Yu Garden. We had planned to visit but it had closed when we arrived.

However, the Bazaar still held many fascinating and captivating stalls to explore.

We managed to escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic market to a quiet food hall. Two floors up was an interesting take on fast food! There was a long counter full of all sorts of different cuisines, ready made. Various cooks stood along the counters, ready to freshly prepare any of the dishes that took your fancy!

It was delicious and oh so cheap!

The Bund at Night

Finally, we made our way home for our final night in Shanghai. But not before we marvelled at the magnificent views of the Bund at night.

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