One Day In Warsaw

One Day In Warsaw

We could only spare one day in Warsaw as it was more of a stop off between our bus and train journeys. However, it’s charm and history has firmly placed it on my re-visit list!

Man standing in Market Square Old Town in Warsaw Poland with a Christmas Tree.
Market Square, Old Town, Warsaw

Old Town Market Place

We began in Old Town Market Place; the heart of Old Town and of Warsaw up until the end of the 18th Century. After a quick sandwich and coffee we set off just wandering the square and surrounding streets. It is charming and full of character. It’s hard to believe most of this city was decimated during WW2. Around 85% of the buildings were destroyed, therefore almost everything dates to the post war era. The Old Town has been meticulously rebuilt as close to the original style as possible. Bricks and decorative elements from the rubble were reused where possible and the old drawings of architecture students as a source of information.

old town square in Warsaw

Walking tour of landmarks

Our wandering took us to some of the landmarks I had read were worth a visit. The statue of Nicholas Copernicus, who famously formulated a model of the universe that placed the sun rather than the earth at it’s centre; The Barbican, one of few remaining relics of the complex network of historic fortifications that once encircled Warsaw; and last but not least the Palace of Culture & Science, a ‘gift’ to the people of Warsaw from Stalin. Apparently renamed by the locals as ‘Stalins Penis’, it seems the Polish did not appreciate this gift. Since destalinization following the death of the long-time Soviet leader in 1953, the dedication to Stalin has been revoked. You can easily fit a lot in just by walking around which is perfect of you only have one day in Warsaw.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there! I would like to return when I am not so sleep deprived from an overnight, overcrowded, Flixbus!

One Day In Warsaw

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