One Night In Amsterdam

One Night In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of tolerance and diversity; a romantic, beautiful place full of vibrance and debauchery. One night in Amsterdam was enough to get a taste of what the canals, museums and historical sites have to offer.

Wandering the Canals

We arrived at our hostel, The Dutchies in mid-afternoon and went to the city that evening with no real plan. You can totally get lost on the narrow roads that weave between the canals. It’s fun, especially when you have no place to be! Although, we did end up going in circles a lot and kept finding ourselves back on the same road!


There are many crepe and waffle houses in this area and we soon gave into temptation. We stopped by a lovely store called Sweetella! We had one of the specials called Royal Waffles and they were absolutely delicious! It had loads of chocolate, ice cream, fruit, cream, sweets – anything you could think of! However, there is a BIG surprise that comes with this waffle house! A surprise that we absolutely loved but if I reveal what it is, will be totally ruined! All I can say is: I would highly recommend this place but do not order anything but a special! You HAVE to order a special!

Browsing the canals

Amsterdam is an amazing city to do that in! We bumped into several interesting stores; from a circus shop to vintage clothing sale and of course the famous Bulldog Coffee Shop.

Anne Frank House Museum

The Anne Frank House Museum was a very sobering experience. The museum is both beautiful and horrifying at the same time. As you move through the house she lived in, you learn about her, her family and fellow hideaways in great detail. About their lives before and after the Nazis and ultimately their deaths.


Foodhallen is a big warehouse style building, filled to the brim with stalls of different food from all over the world. I liked the idea of this! EAspecially when it promised to be a cheaper alternative to the expensive restaurants in Amsterdam.


We were still hungry, and I hadn’t had any crepes yet! So, we decided to try out Pancakes Amsterdam – a place we liked the look of near the Anne Frank Museum. The interior of the restaurant was beautiful and the pancakes were delicious. By that point it was time to pack our bags and hop on the coach to our next stop: Berlin!

So that was our whirlwind tour of 1 night in Amsterdam!

one night in amsterdam

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